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ISO 9001:2008

"Arcsi" Ltd. was established in 1995. For more than 24 years our company is engaged in the providing of services in the field related to geodesy, cadastre and designing. After its establishment "Arcsi" Ltd. actively involved in the ongoing land division in the country. The company manufactures land division plans on 8 villages in the municipalities of Tsenovo, Isperih and Lukovit. Later "Arcsi" Ltd. participated in the preparation of cadastral, regulation and vertical alignment plans of several settlements. Since 1999 perform geodetic surveying and three-dimensional modeling of different objects (dams, quarries, riverbeds). From 2003 to 2008 "Arcsi" Ltd. produces cadastral maps and registers of Silistra, Alfatar and Aidemir. Our company perform geodetic surveying and designing of 9 sites for domestic waste treatment. "Arcsi" Ltd. participated in the preparation of projects for the rehabilitation of 210 km roads in the country. In 2011 our company takes mainly part in geodesic surveying of 60 km section of the Bulgarian-Turkish border, in connection with the project for building of foot-wall. At the beginning of 2012 "Arcsi" Ltd. participated in the preparation of investment projects, including geodetic surveying and designing for strengthening and reconstruction of 64 km temporary field roads for servicing of wind park with the power of 120MW. In the spring of 2012 the company involved in the creation of a specialized map of "Evksinograd" residence next to Varna. In the summer of 2012 "Arcsi" Ltd. perform geodetic surveying and preparation of vertical alignment project of the entire street network of Ivaylovgrad. After winning an auction in GCCA, at the end of november, "Arcsi" Ltd. started work on the creation of specialized maps and registers of the beaches in the land of Durankulak and Krapets, Shabla municipality. Producing of the cadastral maps and registers of Ilinden municipality, Sofia.

Innovation and competitiveness "2014-2020" under procedure BG16RFOP002-2.073. The aim is to provide operating capital for Bulgarian micro and small enterprises to deal with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and to achieve a positive effect in overcoming the economic consequences. "Arcsi" Ltd. is registered in Geodesy, Cadastre and Cartography Agency under the Law on Cadastre and Property Register Act (CPRA) and entered in the register of the Commission for Personal Data Protection as a administrator of personal data. The owner of the company eng.Angel Prokopiev is a member of the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design (CEID) and has full design capacity.

From 04.2013 "Arcsi" Ltd. has a certificate for registration under the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management. This sertificate is valid concerning all activities related to: Geodetic and Topographic Surveys, Building Structures Road and Railway, Tunnels and Pipelines Rehabilitation and Maintenance Design. Creation of Cadastral and Topographic Plans and Maps. Real Estate Valuation.